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Administration, Faculty, and Staff

  Name Title Group
LaNell Anthony Anthony, LaNell Instructor
Craig Barnard Barnard, Craig Instructor
Mary Barnard Barnard, Mary Instructor
Samuel Bennett Bennett, Samuel Instructor
Wanda Bland Bland, Wanda Instructor
Christy Blaylock Blaylock, Christy Assistant
Keeley Blinson Blinson, Keeley Instructor
Aubrey Boren Boren, Aubrey Athletics
Alton James Bratton Bratton, Alton James Instructor
Elaine Bunn Bunn, Elaine Instructor
Rebekah Carter Carter, Rebekah Instructor
William Carter Carter, William Head of School
Shelly Coggin Coggin, Shelly Instructor
Scott Collier Collier, Scott Instructor
Beverly Cotton Cotton, Beverly Instructor
Angela Doty Doty, Angela Instructor
Rebecca Dye Dye, Rebecca Secretary
Christy Edens Edens, Christy Administrative Assistant
Fancy Fowler Fowler, Fancy Instructor
Ronald Franks Franks, Ronald
Stacy Gray Gray, Stacy Instructor
Tammy Gray Gray, Tammy Instructor
Heather Grissom Grissom, Heather Secretary
Megan Herndon Herndon, Megan Instructor
Robin Herrod Herrod, Robin Teacher
Shannon Holcomb Holcomb, Shannon Instructor
Shaune Holiday Holiday, Shaune Instructor
Connor Hudspeth Hudspeth, Connor Instructor
Kendra Johns Johns, Kendra Principal
Deborah Lansdell Lansdell, Deborah Instructor
Deborah Letson Letson, Deborah Instructor
Susan Marsico Marsico, Susan Instructor
Andrea McDaniel McDaniel, Andrea Instructor
Shawn Moore Moore, Shawn Instructor
Allyson Noland Noland, Allyson Administrative Assistant
Peggy Pierce Pierce, Peggy Instructor
Jenna Rodgers Rodgers, Jenna Instructor
Kenny Roye Roye, Kenny Principal
Cathy Russell Russell, Cathy Principal
John Salisbury Salisbury, John
Amanda Sanders Sanders, Amanda Instructor
Kathryn Sapp Sapp, Kathryn Instructor
Melissa Scott Scott, Melissa Instructor
Stacy Smith Smith, Stacy Instructor
Beverly Speed Speed, Beverly Instructor
Denise Tallent Tallent, Denise Finance Officer
Nicholas Taylor Taylor, Nicholas
Cristy Underwood Underwood, Cristy Instructor
James Underwood Underwood, James Instructor
Anna Vinson Vinson, Anna Instructor
Jennifer Walls Walls, Jennifer Assistant
Tami Walls Walls, Tami Instructor
Deana Ward Ward, Deana Secretary
Jennifer Wardlaw Wardlaw, Jennifer
Traci Wardlaw Wardlaw, Traci
Gregory Warnick Warnick, Gregory Instructor
Lori Warnick Warnick, Lori Teacher
Amy White White, Amy
Jan White White, Jan Instructor
Brandy Wilcox Wilcox, Brandy Office
Andi Wilhite Wilhite, Andi Teacher
Amy Williams Williams, Amy
Rebekah Wiseman Wiseman, Rebekah Instructor
Melissa Worley Worley, Melissa Instructor
Paula Yates Yates, Paula Instructor
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