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About TCPS

Since 1988 Tupelo Christian Preparatory School has been and is dedicated to the glory of God and is founded on the belief that God is the source of all truth revealed in the Person of Jesus Christ.  All areas of learning (spiritual, academic, physical, and social) are taught from the biblically based belief that truth is revealed in the Word of God.  The Bible has prime significance in all subject areas.

Christ first, Academics second to none.

Our Mission

Leading students in partnership with Christian families, to know Christ and make Him known through rigorous academics, challenging athletics, stimulating arts, and servant-hood activities.


TCPS regards the training of children as primarily the function of the home. TCPS believes that the Christian school and the Bible-believing church should work together with the home to provide a fully integrated program for the purpose of developing Christian personalities. Tupelo Christian Preparatory School intends to partner with parents/guardians in preparing their children for life as Christian servant-leaders, who choose character before career, wisdom beyond scholarship, service above self, and a lifestyle of participation over apathy, in order for them to impact the world for Christ for eternity.


Students are recognized and treated as individuals with different levels of development at TCPS. They are given the opportunity to express their creativity and are encouraged to develop their abilities, skills, and insights within a biblical perspective so that they may effectively interact as Christians with the world around them.


Some distinctives of Tupelo Christian Preparatory School include: Committed Christian teachers who instruct students to apply biblical principles to every aspect of daily living, thus encouraging them to live Christ-like lives. Teachers teach that all knowledge comes from God and each subject is to be viewed from a biblical perspective. Teachers are committed to assisting each student in developing biblically based thinking and reasoning skills, which will enable the student to obtain sound personal convictions.

The Goal of Education

At Tupelo Christian Preparatory School (TCPS) the goal of education is to glorify God by developing students who are equipped and motivated to serve God and others, as they apply a Christian worldview that sees Scripture as authoritative; man as created in God’s image, yet fallen; and God as Creator, Lord and Savior (Proverbs 9:10). Because the Bible is true and authoritative, it governs the entire curriculum at TCPS (2 Timothy 3:16). The content of every subject reflects who God is and what he has done. God not only reveals truth through the word he has spoken in Scripture, but also through the creation he has made (Psalm 19:1). Consequently, since our world was created by a wise God, not random chance, science and math can be tested and proved. The words we speak or write have meaning and are true or false, good or evil, creative or destructive. Students are a crowning part of God’s creation, made in his image so that they can think his thoughts and do his will (Psalm 8:3-6a). God has given them a mandate to, be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it (Genesis 1:28). This is the purpose of education, equipping the mind and character for a life-long adventure of learning and practice, to fulfill the creation mandate in a godly manner. The task of true education is to develop in students an understanding of God and the reality he has created; to practice that understanding to exercise a creative-redemptive dominion over creation within the context of loving God and fellow human beings. With an attitude of worship, God is glorified as his image is reflected in the lives of students, teachers and parents. We invite you to make application for the enrollment of your children in our school. We offer PK4 year-old through twelfth (12th) grade. It will be an honor and a privilege for us, the faculty and staff of TCPS, to join with you in the Christian education of your children. Thank you for visiting our site.  If you have further questions after your online experience, please call us at (662) 844-8604 for more information

Core Values

TCPS is committed to providing a challenging instructional program that is Christ-centered, biblically based which forms the foundation of all truth and promotes a standard of academic rigor while assisting those who demonstrate strong learning potential and preparing all for the next stage of academic pursuit and life.

TCPS is committed to being a covenant school:

  • TCPS serves families where at least one parent is a professing Christian.
  • TCPS enrolls new students at the high school level (9th – 12th grades) who profess Christ and are active in a church.

TCPS is a Board-governed, staff-managed school, which is committed to a governance model of integrity and servant leadership, thus ensuring operational standards that deliver the Mission of the school.

TCPS is committed to recruiting and retaining professionally equipped teachers who are Christian role-model mentors, committed to lead and graduate students by fusing the message of Christ into every aspect of the daily learning experience.

TCPS is committed to embracing and integrating modern technology use as a tool in the instruction of students and in communicating with staff, families, and community.

TCPS encourages respect, involvement, support, and service to the church.

TCPS is committed to missions, ministry, outreach, and service to our home community and beyond to engage the culture and change it.Astute Stewardship: TCPS is committed to properly compensate teachers and staff, and to maintain facilities and equipment, which reflect the value of the school’s Mission and meet standards for accreditation.

TCPS is committed to fiscal stability, through accountable financial management, including a balanced operational budget from tuition, student-related fees, and auxiliary enterprises.

TCPS is committed to an Institutional Advancement program, which funds and staffs its Vision, Mission, Core Values, and teacher and student profiles.

TCPS is committed to offer a broad range of athletics, fine arts, social and extra-curricular activities to allow students to enjoy God through life experiences while living the standards of Christ.

Upcoming Events

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