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February 22- March 11

Three weeks of giving kick off with a walk-a-thon in the elementary school. Each grade group (K4-1st grade, 2nd-4th grades, and 5th-6th grades) will battle it out to see who can raise the most money. All proceeds benefit the Soar Like Eagles Annual Fund. 
The goal for the elementary school is $25,000.  Let's join together, Eagles, to reach our goal!

Middle and high school will not let elementary students outdo them!  Middle school is striving to raise $7,000 and high school has a goal of $15,000.  When middle school reaches $5,000, Coach Bratton will spend 24 hours on a tower.  When they reach their full goal of $7,000, students will be able to go dress code free for a week! High School will send Coach Holiday up to the tower for 24 hours when they reach $10,000 and when they reach their goal of $15,000, students will be rewarded with a full week of being dress code free.  

Let's go Eagles!  Together we can fully fund our Soar Like Eagles Annual Fund.


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